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1 Introduction

2 evolution of history

3 -founder

1 Introduction

Nike latest technology and creativity are generally positive AirJordan lead on behalf of the armed shoes , But with new technology and creative inevitable experimental purposes , so that the idea may be ahead , but performance may be compromised. For example : Joe 7 "Huarache concept " , cover design , Joe 22 " titanium metal plate " and from AJ16 Ever since the beginning , each generation Cheap Jordans shoes will launch a special , enhanced version , by modifying its details to make it more suitable for combat, close to nature shoes . Shoes name suffixes for general use "+" "SE" "PE" ".5" AirJordan derivative shoes Introduction .

2 evolution of history

Cheap Jordans Shoes generation

For many of our memories Cheap Jordans , where God did not say wonderful performance in a variety of field , one that God's foot ---- Cheap Jordans basketball shoes . Jordan issued a generation from the outset it was banned Union, because it was the Bulls coach does not allow people to wear these shoes , the reason is lack of coordination with the team's uniform colors , and David Stern is open to Jordan out of the ticket , the first $ 1,000 , second $ 2,000 , until the final $ 5,000 per game , which finally led to a mad rush to buy Joe 1 . So for the first time Nike has also rocked the Converse basketball shoes in the position . Cheap Jordans generation using white black and red tricolor , hard rubber outsole system , without any scientific and technological content , in fact, this pair of shoes is very heavy, but it is the beginning of an era.

Cheap Jordans Shoes II

Cheap Jordans Shoes 2 generation compact design is the main reason many people hooked on it , winged basketball moved from the upper tongue . Scientific and technological content of this subsection shoes are still not high , it's still hard wear-resistant outsole, but elegant in the upper of the selected materials a lot, this paragraph shoes debut in 1986.

Cheap Jordans three generations

Cheap Jordans Shoes 3 generations This is truly the first generation of trapeze air-cushioned shoes , Nike first use of a visible air cushion , is located in the bottom section of the shoe. This is the first time Jordan series with a trapeze signs , then this flag was officially adopted into the Jordan brand of various goods . Joe 31987 was officially launched.

Cheap Jordans Shoes four generations

Cheap Jordans 4 generations , this shoe is its most striking upper : dynamic trapeze signs, handwritten words flight full of sense of jumping . It is this unique design to save the Nike brand and trapeze , as two generations, three generations of sales is not very good . Configuration: the heel cushion , rubber forefoot cushioning .

Cheap Jordans Shoes and Five

Cheap Jordans 5 generations, was launched in 1989 . The first application of a reflective material, also used the new Nike developed to clean the mesh surface and soles. This shoe in function follows the four generations of technology , more modern appearance , more beautiful, jumping forefoot lateral stripe design, and the Jordan logo on the tongue are considerably.

Cheap Jordans Shoes six generations

Cheap Jordans six generations , was launched in 1990 . Because the Bulls 90-91 win season seems different. 6 generations in the design first proposed interlocking rubber laces loose concept, this song is very popular at the time closely , designers to apply it to the laces on six generations , it can easily fasten shoelaces also play good decorative effect. Was advanced in the sole use of translucent rubber sole , enhancing grip. If you look closely will find the body hidden in the shoes of the words "23" , 2 is the upper side of the support of a large pattern consisting of 3 is outboard bottom pattern.

Cheap Jordans Shoes seven generations

Cheap Jordans seven generations, 1991 launch , Jordan 91-92 season, boots , Jordan in the 92 years since the Barcelona Olympic Games wearing a pair of 7 -generation won the championship , so the seven -generation family in Cheap Jordans is particularly valuable. 7 generations 6 generations somewhat the shape of the shadow , the biggest feature is particularly color . Adoption was very popular shoelaces holder design , the built-in palm air cushion , after 23 to keep up with the words , there are a variety of geometric patterns constitute the sole , upper trapeze signs for the whole shoes considerably. Cheap Jordans 8 generations, 1993 launch . Reflects the prevailing focus on technology design ideas .

Cheap Jordans Shoes eight generations

8th generation in the design of a major breakthrough . The most prominent is the cross gluing shoe designed to enhance the stability of the shoe . Running shoes in the bottom draw design ideas , significantly cut the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoe, the tongue with a towel material plus trapeze signs. Abstract pattern midsole heel side and added some more color art . Jordan this year after three consecutive suddenly announced his retirement , many fans thought he would never return to the court , so the 8 identified in the court on behalf of Cheap Jordans last pair of shoes to wear , so the 8th generation but also created a Nike 1993 sales record. 8 generations since Michael Jordan retired the first time before the launch , and has a special significance in the Cheap Jordans.

Cheap Jordans Shoes nine generations

Cheap Jordans 9 generations , available in 1994 , before Michael Jordan retired the second time in the game the only pair did not pass through the Cheap Jordans shoes. When Michael Jordan retired for 94 years , people have had a question: Jordan series will continue , however it is still scheduled launch Nike shoe ? . 9 generation design reflects more cosmopolitan thinking , because when Jordan has not only an American hero , leaving fans worldwide for his superb skills intoxicated ( that is, our generation this time came into contact with NBA and Jordan ) heel trapeze signs for the first time and the earth together, a symbol of trapeze flying above the earth across the soles were too English, Chinese and Japanese express the meaning of the pattern of the world , Chinese is greatly world , 9 generations is intended to allow people to see Michael Jordan when he can still remember flying figure, there is not much innovation on technology: built- Airsole or cushion the forefoot to the edge of another prominent part of the increase in stability. It is worth mentioning that , when Jordan is in the baseball league 's No. 45 jersey , Nike, especially with a limited edition of 45 pairs of " 45, " the nine generations of baseball shoes , these shoes have become astronomical . At this point, really entered a golden heyday Jordan basketball shoes .

Cheap Jordans Shoes ten generations

Cheap Jordans 10 generations . 1995 launch . "I'mback", after a lapse of 17 months, Jordan returned to the basketball court , shaking the world and because a few trapeze . AJ10 Cheap Jordans series launch coincides with the launch of the 10th anniversary , it also marks the birth of a sports brand myth , none of the players from the series of endorsements can be sustained for such a long time in history. AJ10 most special place in its sole, top honors and special experience recorded from 1985 to 1994 Jordan gained 10 years , so that people once again trapeze awe. AJ10 can be seen in the design of some of the shadow of modern shoes , 1995 was a peak of sneakers design concept , AJ10 looks more concise, even in the upper Cheap Jordans and Nike can not find any sign of trapeze signs only sole and heel appear. On the technology still uses the built-in cushion, using elastic shoelace buckle design , lace is still round , after an increase of sandals to keep up with the rings . In addition to Jordan , Scottie Pippen , including many stars including wearing these shoes all the time

Cheap Jordans Shoes 11 generations

1995 launch . AJ11 not only carry the tripod Cheap Jordans series , but also on the whole after the Nike basketball shoes and the whole basketball shoe had a profound impact. AJ11 groundbreaking use of patent leather as the upper material , making high-end basketball shoes afterwards the special signs . While the first use of a full charge of the built-in air cushion technology , coupled with the end use of the whole palm carbon fiber supporting plate , so that the entire pair of shoes in the suspension until it reaches an indicator . ( Built-in cushion for post player may be too soft, but the guard and small forward for such a shock right venue feeling of comfort and rapid response favorably to any pair of shoes the whole palm zoom technology ) shoe outsole synthetic rubber compressed into the crystal rubber , the whole bottom of the transparent color , abnormal beautiful, shoes, body reticular fibers adopted , making the whole greatly reduce the weight of shoes , AJ11 isCheap Jordans a series of the most lightweight . AJ11 For Cheap Jordans series , and even the development of the classic basketball shoes more than just that simple. We can think , AJ11 is the old-fashioned and modern basketball shoes, basketball shoes, a watershed in the history of basketball shoes, the most important milestone in the development .

Cheap Jordans Shoes twelve generations

Cheap JordansXII. 1996 launch . Another classic Cheap Jordans series . This pair of shoes is the most important feature is the use of different materials have DURABACK , with natural leather uppers , full shoes maximized stability , DURABACK to prevent the landing of a sprained ankle , shoes, lighter body , said to be the requirement is to put the year Jordan was to have a barefoot feeling . AJ12 is the first all- palm zoomair double cushion was Cheap Jordans shoes , Jordan shoes, after all used to switch zoomair. This cushion is characterized by thin and tough, and very fitting manner , while absorbing the power of the rapid rebound for the players run fast and continuous bouncing provide continuous power . While still supporting all- carbon fiber palm plate , this design can reduce the burden on the knee .

Cheap Jordans thirteen generations

Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes 13 generations , 1997 launch . All indications are that the 1997-1998 NBA season will be Michael Jordan was the last campaign season , so fans crazy with this great collection of anything related to the man . At a time when Nike Jordan formally as an independent brand trademark separated out from Nike , become an independent subsidiary , which is to form a relatively independent brand. The introduction of 13 generations is particularly important, designer inspired from the African cheetah , the shape of the sole of the foot was like a cheetah , the most noteworthy may be located outside of the upper laser holographic icon , includes : a basketball, digital 23 , trapeze signs. This became the 13th generation was a highlight. Technology : full palm zoomair, in the end still uses a large area of ??carbon fiber materials have provided good support and stability , uppers of leather , synthetic leather and nylon cloth constituted in weight may also provide better toughness. Personally like 13 generations , especially in the original black and red , white and red models , there are 13 generations listed Beijing was white gold replica .

Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes fourteen generations

Cheap Jordans Shoes ShoesXIV. 1998 launch . Remember that night it? 1998 June 14 Salt Lake City , Utah , home of Jazz , Jordan steals from Malone hands transported to the front, along with a series of dribbling , speed , stop go past Russell, shock was a jumper , the time fixed in 5.2 seconds before the whistle , fixed in this basketball giant standing on top of the foot AJ14 inspired by Jordan's Ferrari to the reality of things modeled and inspired design inspired by the way had a profound impact on subsequent generations of Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes Shoes . The logo combines the features of Ferrari and trapeze , as well as the fans and the fans are so excited about the iconic Ferrari vents . This is located in the bottom of the design not only provides good support and stability , but also to the fans excited. More mature whole palm zoomair technology, making the cushioning properties better. Outsole and full palm herringbone pattern made ??of wear-resistant rubber provides good friction and grip. AJ14 AJ11 since the weight is the lightest . Anyway , AJ14 carries no latecomers as a swan song , that scene , we will never forget.

Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes fifteen generations

AirJordanXV. 1999 launch . Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes is gone, he walked down from the altar , turned into a stroll in the golf turf 36 -year-old half- old man. But people on the Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes basketball shoes heat continues unabated. AJ15 design from F-15 fighter jets . The biggest feature is the norm have an anti- tongue , the tongue but not close to the upper opening forward so that people immediately think of Jordan that does not always put into the mouth of the tongue. Shoe covers designed to make the use of the entire pair of shoes to wear off very easily , first used as a vine knit upper material shows the distinctive craftsmanship. After the shoe to keep up, there is a row of numbers, followed by 23 ( jersey number ) 6 ( six championships ) 15 ( 15 generations ) , the sole is a trapeze word mark and 2.17 ( Jordan birthday ) . Technology : full palm zoomair provide a good slow vibration performance , before and after the two widened palm design , in charge of bringing more stability trays . AJ15 is the second since AJ9 did not pass through Cheap Jordans Shoes Shoes , but because Jordan through AJ9 engraved version later in the game, so AJ15 Jordan never wore the only pair in the race AirCheap Jordans series of basketball shoes.

Cheap Jordans Shoes sixth generation

AirJordanXVI. 2001 launch . Although Jordan left the stadium, but still can not be separated from loved basketball , and he did Wizards boss Michael Cheap Jordans basketball shoes myth continues. Shown signs AJ16 will find a kind of get the feeling of deja vu , patent leather toe from AJ11, visible from the air and mesh material AJ5, translucent outsole from AJ6. It is important that this is not a simple imitation, but in these classic design more bold innovation and continuity , foremost of which is removable magnetic shoe covers design and new Blow-molserAir cushion. Removable magnetic shoe design is very clever , remove the shoe to reduce the weight of the AJ16 , increased permeability and flexibility , better suited to play. The overall sense AJ16 fitted shoe is very strong, the appearance of novel , full of stylish atmosphere. It is still on the track just like a galloping athletes put on a starched suit blink of an eye , shuttling between offices . Look closely you will find the word in the basolateral Jordan is composed of 16 patterns , there is 3/4 of the palm on the window in the bottom cushion , in fact, is in line with the heel of the Blow-molserAir cushion in the midsole plus a layer of the same layer , the overall sense is excellent. Technology : the mesh material and suede uppers , leather composition with better breathability and toughness , thick mouth of the shoe design shoes bare feet and get close to an excellent sense of the parcel , the whole palm carbon fiber trays strong and stable , ZoomAir forefoot cushion , after the palm Blow-molserAir air, has a good sense of speed moderate earthquake , while a certain extent, reduce the height of the shoe, so that the soles more fitting to get the best sense of space .

Cheap Jordans seventeen generations

AirJordanXVII, 2002 year available. Inspired AJ17 from jazz and pure blue blood British Aston - Martin car. AJ17 gives the first impression is the luxury, coupled with the metal texture of shoe box -like trapeze signs relief , just a shoe box design on such a large campaign in the history of sports shoes for the first time . Destined AJ17 Cheap Jordans Shoes series is different from other shoes , and sure enough , the price reached $ 200 , to the pinnacle of sports shoes price . AJ17 AJ16 continuation of the shoe design , the two rows of lace holes on each side of the shoe , lace holes for the hasp on the outside of the shoe with . The toughness of the material using excellent fabric material and synthetic leather . Technology : ZoomAir forefoot cushion with the palm of the new Blow-molserAir cushion , lightweight Phylon midsole, TPU whole palm trays , which are made AJ17 excellent performance . And Cheap Jordans shoes in the middle of the word , blue TPU layer looming silver trapeze signs and stability of the heel , it is both the performance and appearance have a classic design .

Cheap Jordans eighth generation

AirJordanXVIII. 2003 launch . 2002-2003 season , Jordan has repeatedly stressed that this is the last season of his career , due to injuries and age , the old trapeze indeed make a career for himself confessed . He also clearly AJ18 will be his last pair of boots galloping track , so AJ18 meter throughout all of Jordan personally involved . If AJ17 performance of the king of Jordan and noble. So AJ18 is the interpretation of a 40 year old man of maturity and wisdom. Overlying block suede shoe body , there is no trace of stitching on the vamp , plus hidden too shoelace system, making the shoe an overall sense of good. Tongue design is quite innovative , top of the tongue and the skin on the upper with a powerful magnet linked to ensure the integrity of the body of the shoe was also the laces hidden. Both sides of the tongue and feet bare metal mesh material are designed to provide good support and ventilation . Thick Lycra fabric design and application of the shoes I bring more comfort. Technology : full palm ZoomAir added after the palm cushion independent ZoomAir Air unit , lightweight Phylon midsole, TPU whole palm trays as well as new technology makes AJ18 CCCP performance have reached the pinnacle of the Jordan family . AJ18 Jordan wore in court last pair of shoes , both from the performance and appearance have reached AirJordan series too extreme.

Cheap Jordans ninth generation

AirJordanXIX. Black Mamba , living in Africa and the world's most toxic fastest snake. This is AJ19 design inspiration. Black Mamba at up to 19km / h per hour chase prey, who once bitten , death rate of nearly 100%. If the design is the metaphor of the Panthers AJ14 speed and dexterity , then AJ19 can say learned the black mamba snake physique and cause opponents in the resurrection of the toxicity , two different animals completely metaphor out of Jordan style on the pitch , AJ19 snake -oriented, so full of snake spirit of the air . This pair of shoes the most unconventional design , is imitation snakeskin shoes shoe surface preparation . From AJ16 start , Cheap Jordans shoes, shoelaces will always be something covered , AJ19 is no exception, largely obscured by the upper plastic braid. The difference is that with the previous three generations , the concept AJ19 cover is completely refreshed. Because plastic knit draws snakeskin design in motion does not produce more wrinkles and affect the foot feels , the whole shoe will be automatically with the deformation of the foot twisted to form a hard plastic shoe covers fibers because of their toughness and can not make exaggerated upper deformation , both served to protect the foot injury , but that the role of the deformation , and will not hinder the user 's own resilience during exercise any reasonable action instep .

Cheap Jordans Shoes twenty generations

AirJordanXX. Exudes rich retro, simple some fashion , the whole shoe appears thick, but smooth, and then pay attention to see the details , you can find the shoe body pieced obvious sense , there is a shadow Hurache2K4 ankle part of the shoe body part seems to draw Jordan II design, double Velcro already significant duplication, followed by some of them even have a PUMA shoes retro series of elements , upper style (SAMPLE) is the most eye-catching place , a shoe with laser pattern , a closer look is not difficult to find almost all AirJordan shadow above the previous series shoes , including Jordan , 45 , or even the classic Ferrari logo on the AJ14 have used laser scanning in the shoes .

3 -founder

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February 17, 1963 , such a common day , black area of Brooklyn , New York , where filled with street violence and drugs. A black family welcomed the arrival of a little life , while the parents are happy for this little baby , while concerned about their families may not afford a fourth child support payments . But no one knows the baby grew up to change the world. He is the greatest player in NBA history - Michael Jordan . He has won six O'Brien Cup , leading the Chicago completed a great two three consecutive championships. Participated in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, the great achievements of the ' Dream ' .